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John Shelby Spong, former Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Newark, writes:

“In the journey toward truth, people tend to take the easy tack. The easiest way is to treat religion as an heirloom inherited from our ancient predecessors; to treat religion as a set of doctrines that have clear-cut boundaries or, more precisely, boundary (in singular form). The easiest way to be in the way of being 'religionist' is to follow the well-trodden path of predecessors without daring to ask or challenge. To question what has been laid down as doctrines by our pious predecessors is tantamount to an act of heresy.”

Is our traditional interpretation of Chistianity, and of Jesus of Nazareth, the only interpretation that we can hold on to today? If we discard pieces of our literal interpretation of Scripture, do we lose all that we understand as truth? Or is truth something more porous (or fluid) …. than what we traditionally recognize: at one moment liquid, another moment solid, and another moment vapour? Is truth not more of a process than a hard and fast reality? Science continues to remind us that we are far from knowing how the universe operates, how diseases emerge [and are cured], and how matter is composed at the sub-atomic level. We can claim that we hold the truth today … only to discover, tomorrow, a newer truth that replaces our previous assumptions.

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